What is Mercht Challenges?

Make money from selling your tees & be in with a chance to win awesome prizes! Submitting to our challenges is super easy by following these simple steps:

  1. The tee matches the current challenge brief
  2. Your campaign length is set to 14 days
  3. The challenge box is ticked on the design page
  4. Your design is no more than 8 colours

Mercht Challenges is designed to spark some inspiration for your next / first mercht campaign, sell some tees and hopefully win a prize. It might be a challenge that is close to your heart, or a challenge that gets you trying something new. This is how it works…

1st Prize – £250 to spend at Awesome Merch
2nd Prize – £150 to spend at Awesome Merch
3rd Prize – £100 to spend at Awesome Merch

We see Mercht challenges as a double whammy for makers. Come up with a brand new design, possibly a subject you haven’t designed before, and the chance to win up to £250 to spend at Awesome Merch! Sounds great right? Here’s some more info…

pssst! Know the score already and want to see the current design challenge? Find it here

How it works

To participate you just have to follow these easy steps:

Create a tee design based around the latest theme

Based around the latest theme we announce, start creating a tee design that works around that in your own interpretation. By the way this idea doesn’t have to be completely brand new design, if you have something that fits perfectly with something you already have, well that’s damn lucky for you!

If you’re stuck for inspiration for what to design, here’s a few of our favourite go to places:

Submit your design

So you’ve found your inspiration, or you’re just one of those people that can come up with something straight off the block.. nice, lucky you.

Once you have your design ready, all you have to do is head over to the designer page and upload your campaign.

Here’s some information on uploading your campaign.

First up is choosing a tee, any t-shirt style works for this challenge series, but make sure it is a tee, not a mug or hoody etc!

The Design page.
Pick any colours you’d like to have your design on, choose colours that work well with your design. White is obviously a winner for most designs, but it will really depend on the challenge!

The Pricing page.
Once you’ve popped your design on the tee, move on to the pricing page and pick the price you want to sell your tee for. Most tees are sold around the £15/16 mark but it depends on your audience and if you’ve sold tees before. You will see the profit calculator on the bottom left. You can use this to work out how much profit you will make on your tees based on the price you charge. Each tee style has a different amount of profit made, and Gildan Heavy is the universal go to tee and will bring the best profit.

Setting a campaign length.
On the right hand side of the pricing page you will see your campaign length. Make sure that you pick 14 days! That will give your campaign the right amount of time to be included in the challenge, and won’t end before or after we announce the winners.

The Campaign page.
First off, make sure you tick the challenges box!
Then come up with a title for your campaign, something that stands out! Your campaign description can be anything you desire, anything that can get you sales on your tees, The campaign url can be set to anything you like too.

That’s it in a nutshell! Click launch and once were ready to launch the challenge, you will be notified on when the campaign goes up online!

Promote your campaign.

During the challenge, make sure to promote your campaign to your audience and we will do the same through our social audience too.

Remember, if you don’t sell many tees, not to worry, it’s your design that gives you the chance to win, not the sales. At the end of the specific brief date, one person will win the top prize, and two runners up win the runners up prizes!

Announcing the Winners

During the challenge length, the Mercht team will be promoting your campaigns via our social media in the hope of drumming up sales for your tees.

The winners are picked by the Mercht team and do not go off any sales data.

The day before the brief ends, we will pick the 3 winners, and announce via our socials, giving everyone 24 hours notice to purchase the winning tees!

The prizes:

  • 1st Prize – £250 to spend at Awesome Merch
  • 2nd Prize – £150 to spend at Awesome Merch
  • 3rd Prize – £100 to spend at Awesome Merch

Terms and conditions

By submitting your design to Mercht Challenges, you are expressing the intention to use our services and allow us to use your design as part of our marketing and advertising of the Mercht Challenges project, through our social media channels.

The Design has to be your own original work and does not contain any trademarks, logos, copyrighted material, any other intellectual property that belongs to to any 3rd party.

By entering this challenge or using Mercht in general, you will and will always own property of your submitted design.

We have the right to deny your submission to the challenge if deemed not suitable. If this is the case, your design will still be available to purchase through the general Mercht platform, but not entered into the challenge page.

Liam Henry

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