Getting started with Mercht

Ready to get started with Mercht?  We’ve put together this quick guide to help you get started with creating and selling your designs online.

1: It starts with your idea

An awesome t-shirt and successful campaign starts with a great idea.
The formula for success is simple, you create something people would love to wear and then you get your product in front of as many relevant people as possible and encourage them to buy it.

Mercht is free, which lends itself to launching products and figuring out the best way to reach your audience.
This makes it perfect for anyone looking to sell t-shirts and merchandise.  We suggest you concentrate on one or two designs to start with.

Here are a few ideas to get your inspired:

*Artists – putting your most popular or recent designs onto a t-shirt
*Bands – creating an exclusive piece of merch for your fans
*Charities – raise money by encouring your supporters to wear your cause
*Influencers – reach your online audience with a tangible product
*Entrepreneurs –  start your own t-shirt selling business

2: Designing your product

Once you have an idea it’s time to design your product.  First thing is first, you want to make your design look awesome!

Uploading your design
If you know your way around Photoshop or Illustrator then you are best creating your artwork and uploading it.
Set your artwork on a max canvas size of 4250 x 5900 pixels.  For best results make your background transparent and export as a PNG or SVG file.

Using the Tee-Builder
Looking to create a text based or simple t-shirt?  No sweat!  We have a tee-builder where you can add text and thousands of hip-art icons to create something unique in a matter of minutes.

Tips for your artwork
To ensure everything is the best possible quality we screen print everything.  This means we do not accept photos and we recommend you make your artwork 8 or less colours.  We also recommend file sizes under 10mb so that everything works nicely with our tee-builder.

Pricing your products
The next step is to set pricing for your products.  We recommend selling prices for different products but you can set any price you like as long as there is a profit!

Describing your products
Make your products pop with a compelling description.  Campaigns with a great description convert better than those without.  You can add pictures and mock ups as additional media as well as videos.

3: Share it with the world.

When your campaign launches the real fun begins!  People need to know that your t-shirt exists!
It’s time to get sharing and shouting about it to tip your sales to 10 and beyond so that it goes to print.

Here is an overview of what you should be considering:

Reach your audience
Just posting a t-shirt online without promoting it is unlikely to work.  Your campaign needs to reach a relevant audience if you want it to succeed.
Do you have an existing audience?  If so then great!  You need to promote your product to your audience regularly throughout the campaign.
Don’t have an existing audience?  You’ll need to create an audience and hustle your way to success.

Email marketing
If you have an email list we recommend sending an email promoting your campaign when you launch your product and following up when there is 48 hours left to encourage those last minute sales.

Social media
Create a plan to share your campaign regularly across all of your social media channels during the campaign.  Make sure to use images from your campaign and focus on the limited edition nature and time frames for ordering.

Paid Ads
You can use paid adverts on facebook, twitter, instagram and google adwords to drive attention and traffic to your campaign.  This is a good way to make sure you are hitting the maximum amount of relevant people with your campaign.

If you are a wizz at online marketing then retargeting people that land on your product page can be super effective.

Luke Hodson

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