Design inspiration and the ease of using Mercht with Demon Dance.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I’m an apprentice tattooer who works just outside of Barnsley in Yorkshire. I make tattoos and illustrations under the name Demon Dance I help curate a tattoo blog on Instagram called Dark Artists.

How come you decided to use Mercht as a platform to sell tees?

I heard about Mercht through Awesome Merchandise and it seemed almost too good to be true. Upload my designs, promote my ideas and let you guys do the rest? Rad. Life is so busy these days that I don’t have the time to fulfil orders, stay on top of managing a store and all the other hassle that comes with it. Plus it’s a great way of gauging interest in your designs without the risk of spending all my money printing designs that no one wants.


Has using Mercht meant that you’ve more time to do other creative endeavours? As in, is it less time consuming than the traditional ordering & selling of merch online?

It took me 5 minutes to set up my account and upload my designs, as opposed to the 3 million years it would have taken me to actually order them, fold them, pack them, go to the post office and send them out to people myself. Everyone wins!

You’ve already had three successful campaigns (closing in on 100 sales) on the site – what tips have you got for other people to promote theirs?

Know your audience, don’t overwhelm them with a million designs all at once and keep people engaged is my advice. We’re lucky enough to have the world of social media at our fingertips and if you don’t utilise that you’re a bit silly!


How does it feel when you tip a campaign and know that your design will go to print?

It feels pretty amazing knowing people are spending their hard earned money to wear my artwork 🙂

Tell us about your design style & inspirations?

I’m inspired by everything from horror movies and music to pop culture and traditional tattooing and cartoons and basically everything in between. I love minimalism and designs that have a deeper meaning to them beyond the obvious.

Have you got loads more designs planned for using on Mercht & how will you keep things fresh for your fanbase?

I’ve got a bunch more going up this very evening and my blog Dark Artists are also working with some amazing artists on some products on the site too. I think the countdown aspect of Mercht keeps things fresh for us all 🙂

Check Demon Dance out on Instagram. 

Liam Henry